Industry Views - April 2012

Views From N.Y. Market

Here is a sampling of what suppliers had to say during the March N.Y. Home Fashions Market.

The Home Fashion Products Association’s Young Professionals held a seminar on March 4, 2012, at 7 W 34 St. The panelists’ insights included these:

“The interest in online social media has reduced the cost of brand creation more than anything in any period heretofore. It will change the industry. You don’t have to pay $200,000 for a page in a shelter magazine.”—Louis Hornick II, chairman and ceo, Louis Hornick & Co.

“The younger generation sees brands differently. My daughter goes to 10 different stores to buy an assortment of brands to create her style rather than choosing one lifestyle brand as I do to create my look.”—Normand Savaria, president and ceo, WestPoint Home

“The market has had nominal growth with companies taking business from one another. Down comforters may see great growth. They are used more in Europe and it’s a matter of educating consumers in the U.S. about them.”—Chris Baker, ceo, Hollander Home Fashions

“There is a move towards developing products that have attributes and technical qualities that bring solutions to consumers.”-—Barry Leonard, president and ceo, Welspun USA

Individual suppliers visited during N.Y. Market offered these views on new business opportunities and trends in design:

“We are experiencing growth with new customers in new categories. We are branching out in design. We now offer jacquard beach towerls. We’ve created bathrobes at the request of our home catalog customers. It is our aim to broaden our product range to fill out the home from bedroom, living room and bath to the kitchen and patio. This is our year of growth. We are creating new business, taking consumer dollars that would have been spent on apparel.”—Robert Christnacht, home division manager, Pendleton Woolen Mills

“Flash sales are on the rise. There are fewer and fewer brick and mortar stores out there from which to get new business.”—Deborah Conkling, key account manager, Creative Bath Products Inc.

“Bling is in. The trend has trickled down to home from fashion apparel. And retailers are trying fashion colors now more than in the past two years. It’s also not just about price anymore. Consumers will pay for quality.”—Lorraine Ragland Maberry, senior vice-president, Trendex Home Designs, Inc.

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