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Selling Sleep
By Wanda Jankowski

New studies that reveal a good night’s sleep is more important for health than previously thought provide added incentive for consumers to purchase quality comfort sleep products

The need for comfort in achieving a good night’s sleep has been a prime incentive for promoting the purchase of basic bedding items, whether the options are designed for specific sleeping positions, or include anti-allergen properties, or body temperature regulation characteristics. However, recent research indicates that there are stronger ties between getting a good night’s sleep and overall health and wellness than ever before thought. That makes investing in products that promote an environment in which sound, comfortable sleep can occur of utmost importance for consumers’ well-being.

“A good night’s sleep plays an important role in giving the brain a daily ‘tune-up,’ flushing away the day’s waste during the night so you wake up refreshed,” says National Sleep Foundation spokeswoman Natalie Dautovich, Ph.D. “New findings in sleep science underline the fact that sleep is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

“Previously, sleep had been thought to serve many functions, such as consolidating memories and maintaining neuronal connections,” explains Dautovich. “This new research, however, is revolutionary in that it identifies the very basic purpose that sleep serves—playing a critical role in our brain health.”

The findings, published in Science magazine in Fall 2013, are based on studies conducted by a research team at the University of Rochester Medical Center on the metabolic brain activity of mice while they were awake and while they slept.

“Specifically, they examined the flow of cerebrospinal fluid containing the brain’s ‘waste products,’ which are the result of neural activity,” says Dautovich. “The researchers found that channels carrying the cerebrospinal fluid expanded by 60 percent when the mice were asleep compared to when they were awake, indicating a greater ‘cleaning’ effect during sleep.

“These results indicate that sleep may play an important housekeeping role by increasing our ability to ‘clean’ the brain, serving a restorative function. Without this cleaning, harmful toxins can accumulate, which could have negative consequences for our cognitive functioning,” Dautovich concludes.

Creating a comfortable sleep environment involves several elements, from suitable levels for light, sound and temperature to the quality of bedding products. “Our ability to relax our mind and body is enhanced when our bedroom environment is dark, quiet, cool, and comfortable,” says Dautovich.

Presented here are a range of sleep products that offer consumers useful, quality options to help them create the sleeping environments necessary for good health and continued wellness.

Pacific Coast Feather Co. Elie Tahari, Ltd. has an exclusive licensing partnership with Pacific Coast Feather Company for a luxury bedding collection that features premium quality pillows, comforters and mattress pads. The collection reflects the sophisticated styling of Elie Tahari ready-to-wear designs and is made with high-thread-count 100 percent cotton woven fabrics with subtle striping and quality fills.
Sleep Innovations The Two Layer Pillowtop Mattress Topper transforms mattresses with its combination of 2 inches of plush pillow top with the gentle support of 2 inches of memory foam.
Ogallala Comfort Company Hypodown blends 70 percent down and 30 percent syriaca clusters to wick moisture away from the body faster than down alone and offer extra warmth. Syriaca clusters, which are hollow cellulose fibers with a waxy coating that come from milkweed pods, also trap and suppress allergens. Shown is the Avalon comforter filled with Hypodown.
DownRight Ltd. The Deluxe featherbed includes two layers. The top layer is filled with 100 percent white goose down; the bottom with 95 percent white feather and 5 percent white goose down. The Deluxe is offered in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes.

How Much Sleep Is Enough?

The National Sleep Foundation research reveals Americans today are averaging one to two hours less sleep per night they did 50 years ago and 38 minutes less than they did 10 years ago. As people age, they need varying amounts of sleep to thrive. Here are the National Sleep Foundation sleep recommendations:

  • Adults 18 and older: seven to nine hours per night
  • Children 11 to 17: eight and a half to nine and a half hours per night
  • Children 6 to 11: ten to eleven hours per night.
Eastern Accents Handcrafted in Chicago by skilled craftsmen, Bedding Basics from de’ Medici includes comforters that feature a baffle box design with three-dimensional fabric walls to ensure maximum loft. The comforters are finished with looped corners for easy attachment to the duvet cover.
Soft-Tex Manufacturing Co. The Pillowise line, developed by a physical therapist from The Netherlands, includes six different memory foam pillows that offer customized sleep solutions. Which of the six pillows is right for the sleeper is determined by an algorithm into which is plugged the person’s sleep position and height, weight, neck and shoulder measurements.
Cuddledown Cuddledown’s Temperature Regulating Comforters use mesh fabric made with ClimaBalance Technology licensed by Sanders GmbH. Climate zones are created to transport excess warmth away from the body and bring the sleeping temperature to a comfortable range. During colder seasons, the two-layered climate zones work as a pocket, warming the cooler air to the same temperature as a person’s body. The comforters are offered in lofty, hypoallergenic synthetic fill; 700-fill-power white duck down; or premium 800-fill-power white goose down. Shells are 100 percent combed cotton, Oeko-tex® certified to be free of harmful chemicals. Twin to oversized king sizes are available, along with three warmth levels.

Pacific Coast Feather Engages Marilu Henner to Promote Spring Air

Pacific Coast Feather Company (PCFC) welcomed actress, health advocate and author Marilu Henner to its N.Y. showroom to meet retailers and partner with PCFC to promote its exclusive portfolio of Spring Air® utility bedding products during N.Y. Market in March 2014. Spring Air products are distinguished by the inclusion of athletic-wear quality performance knit.
Marilu Henner has starring in more than 30 films, six Broadway shows, and two hit tv sitcoms, “Taxi” and “Evening Shade.” Henner has authored nine books on health, parenting, memory, and lifestyle, including Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover, and more recently The Total Memory Makeover.

For more than 20 years she has championed a vigorous, healthy lifestyle. She feels that getting a good night’s sleep is the key to good health and mental sharpness. Henner is well-versed in and passionate about the importance of sleep as it relates to overall health and memory, referring to sleep as “the fountain of youth.” “The new health frontier is sleep,” she says.

Through her work as a performer, author and host of The Marilu Show airing weekday mornings on the GCN Live radio network and streaming at, Henner has established a following of upwardly mobile women, 40 to 65. Above Henner is shown with Joe Crawford, president/ceo of PCFC.

Protect-A-Bed REM-Fit Total Sleep Recovery System includes the Rest adjustable pillow, Energize mattress and pillow protectors, and Motivate mattress and pillow protectors. They combine Protect-A-Bed’s Miracle Membrane® with a Tencel® sleep surface. The Miracle Membrane is waterproof, breathable, protects against allergens, dust mites and bacteria growth, and thermo-regulates to maintain even body temperature.
Soft-Tex Manufacturing Co. The Sensorpedic SuperCool line includes pillows and mattress toppers made with Tencel® covers and Wonder Down fill.
Comfort Revolution® The Sealy Posturepedic brand includes: the 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress with three layers of support packaged in a patented mattress caddy; the 4-inch Memory Foam Topper for enhanced full body support; the 2-inch + 1-inch Memory Foam Topper with down-alternative polyester fiber fill pillow top and memory foam beneath; and the Comfort Cover & Memory Core Bed Pillow that combines memory foam and a down-alternative fill cover. Cooling products include the 3-inch Cooling Gel & Memory Foam Topper, Bed Pillow and Contour Pillow, all of which incorporate Hydraluxe® gel technology.



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