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LDB Interior Textiles - April 2014

 Features - April 2014

Trend Report
What’s in a Name
Details on launches in today’s branding bonanza with supplier insights into navigating licensed lines

Category Close-Up
Selling Sleep
New studies that reveal a good night’s sleep is more important for health than previously thought provide added incentive for consumers to purchase quality comfort sleep products

Category Close-Up
Making it in the U.S.
Offerings from established suppliers that make all or a portion of their products in the U.S. are paired with close-ups on four up-and-coming small businesses

 Columns - April 2014

Editor's View
Will Worlds Collide?

Industry Views
Seen & Heard At March N.Y. Market

In the Industry
Monica Pedersen Parties With LDB Interior Textiles & 295 Fifth Avenue During March N.Y. Market (Shown above are branded tins of creme brulee and candies enjoyed by party attendees. Photo by Dan D’Errico.)

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