Editor's View - December 2012

Spirit Of The Season
By Wanda Jankowski, Editor-in-Chief

The U.S. is a big country and it is tempting to feel that unless a development occurs that hits your own neighborhood, all is well with your universe, so to speak.

Hurricane Sandy really hit the East Coast hard at the end of October. I’m mentioning it in this December column because its effects still remain with many of its victims. You’ve probably seen tv news reports about people whose homes and small businesses were destroyed by the hurricane. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

Those affected by the hurricane also include home textile suppliers and retailers. In our mobile and technologically advanced society, the reality is that we are all “connected” in some way across the country and around the world.

To give you a glimpse into what some East Coast suppliers face in regrouping post-Sandy, here is an update sent out on Nov. 18, 2012 to customers and others concerned about the company by Keith Greer, national sales manager, Avanti Linens, which is headquartered in Moonachie, NJ:

“What a difference a week makes (the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures [below top and bottom, respectively] tell the story)! For the past 10 days, our 185 dedicated employees have worked tirelessly to turn what literally was a disaster area into a clean, well-functioning facility. We have disposed of the damaged product, and dried and cleaned out the building. Our offices are gutted and rewiring of both the electrical and data systems has begun.

As of Tuesday we will be operating out of a trailer that has been located next to our building. We hope to be back in our newly renovated offices by the beginning of the year.

“Now that we have the building cleaned up, our focus turns to getting back to product and shipping. We will be conducting a complete inventory starting tomorrow. Cambridge is hard at work getting us towels and we will be placing replacement orders for trims and accessories this week. We have started working on getting our sewing and embroidery machines up and running—we expect to be production-ready by the end of the week, albeit on a limited basis. To supplement our emboridery capacity, we have ordered six new 20-head embroidery machines that will be in our building and in production in about six weeks.

“Our hope is that we can resume shipping at the end of this week.

“We appreciate your patience and support during this difficult time.”

To all the East Coast home textile companies who weathered Sandy and worked hard to keep business rolling, your perseverance in rebounding is to be admired.

In the spirit of the season, we at LDB Interior Textiles wish all of you a safe, healthy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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