Editor's View - December 2013

Here & There
By Wanda Jankowski, Editor-in-Chief

At the annual Home Fashion Products Association (HFPA) meeting on Nov. 13, 2013 in New York, Robert Leo of Meeks, Sheppard, Leo & Pillsbury and HFPA’s legal counsel, gave a report on government and regulatory issues affecting members this year and in 2014. He cautioned that members need to adhere to the Federal Trade Commission’s strict rules regarding the labeling of products as “Made in USA” and variations of that. (Visit ftc.gov for information on requirements.)

Certain retailers, Leo explains, are pushing to feature “Made in U.S.” goods and want suppliers to certify that those goods truly are made in the U.S. “Don’t label your goods ‘made in U.S.’ just because a retailer asks for it unless you are sure that your goods qualify for that labeling,” he says.

Our “Making It In The USA” cover story that begins on p. 22 includes discussion on the topic of correct “Made in U.S.” labeling, led by avid champion of regulation adherence, Avi Cohen, president of Veratex.

The article also brings to light that there is more behind the demand for and supply of goods wholly or partially made in the U.S. than national pride. The economic playing field has been somewhat evened between importers and domestic producers, perhaps making now the prudent time for those interested in creating goods here at home to act.

With the Winter round of trade shows and markets due to begin in a month, it bears noting that in spite of our continuing national economic woes, the U.S. is a very large country that is still being sought after as a market by importers from countries all over the world. When discussing imports, the high-volume factories in China, India and Pakistan seem to claim most of the attention, but there are companies based in other parts of the world who also seek to trade here.

For example, Linum (linum.se) based in Sweden has been in business for more than 40 years and sells its products in 18 countries. It exhibited for the first time at NY NOW in August 2013 hoping to establish a market in the U.S. The home textiles, which range from pillows and throws to tabletop items and more, are made in southern India using only natural materials from patterns created by Swedish textile designers.

Pillow Heaven (pillowheaven.com) from the U.K. also exhibited fo r the first time in the U.S. at NY NOW in August 2013. The decorative pillows include a wide range of designs from those based on cities, botanicals and dogs to Ann Edwards’ whimsical artworks.

We at LDB Interior Textiles hope you all enjoy the holiday season. Rest up a bit before the new year of markets begins, presenting you with a literal world of options from which to select the best attractors for your customers’ hard-earned dollars.

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