Trend Report - January 2012

Home In The City
By Wanda Jankowski

A look at what’s new during New York Home Textiles Week as well as insights into 2012 design and consumer trends from forecaster Jill Sands

Natural Elegance The Pulled Natural Napkin is made with 100 percent Ethiopian cotton. Measuring 20 by 20 inches, it is available in the natural color shown as well as in blue and rattan. Creative Women, 802-658-1211,
Regal Linens The Royale Slate Bedding Collection is made with 100 percent linen and shown with Ellington embroidered Egyptian cotton sheets available in percale and sateen versions. The shams are a slubby 100 percent linen satin stitch design. The bedskirt features a herringbone pattern made with a wool/nylon blend. The Velvet Geo pillow is a polyester/nylon blend. The Alicia headboard is from the Debra Ryan Signature Collection. Legacy Home, 703-830-6818,
Spa Style The Honeycomb Spa Collection, made with 100 percent combed cotton, is available in white and almond, and includes washcloths, hand and bath towels, and bath mats. Chortex, 914-930-1696,

New York Home Textiles Market Week

There is a lot to see in New York during Home Textiles Market Week. Participants include:

  • 7 W New York from Jan. 27 to Feb. 2.
    Visit for more details.
  • 230 Fifth Ave. from Jan. 28 to Feb. 2.
    Visit for information.
  • The New York International Gift Fair from Jan. 28 to Feb. 2 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, and Piers 92 and 94. Jan. 28 to Feb. 1: At Home, Pier 94; Baby & Child, Handmade® Designer Maker and Handmade® Global Design at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center; and New York’s Newest at Pier 92. Jan. 29 to Feb. 2: Accent on Design® featuring A+™: The Young Designers’ Platform, At Home featuring Home Textiles, EX•TRACTS®, General Gift featuring Floral & Garden Accessories and The Museum Source®, Personal Accessories featuring Details®, Studio and Tabletop & Housewares at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Visit for more information.
Great Design Affordably Designers Guild offers DG Unlimited, a more affordable line of linens, fabrics and decorative accents that still reflects the fresh, modern look of the company’s signature-line upscale offerings. Recently introduced collections are Havana and Country (shown). The Designers Guild’s showroom is located at 230 Fifth Ave., Suite 1308. Designers Guild, 212-967-4540,
Purple Passion Lara kitchen towels measure 18 by 28 inches and are offered in natural, aubergine, French blue, citrine and orange. The huckaback towels are made with linen, which absorbs moisture better and dries more quickly than cotton. LinenMe, 312-233-2929,

2012 Trends: An Insider’s View

As a new year begins with the round of January Markets, LDB Interior Textiles casts light on emerging trends by turning to an expert for insights and explanations. This is the first of four sidebars in this article by Jill Sands, CMG, author of “The Trend Forecaster” newsletter (802-867-4079,

Part 1—Colors: How They Are Changing From 2011
Colors are brighter and more optimistic. The resignation of consumers is that, “We’re stuck in this recession conundrum for who knows how long, so let’s at least brighten our lives with some feel-good colors.”
There will be more pairings of traditional décor with exciting colors that add a dash of unexpected fun, freedom, and happiness. Technology will permit an expansion of our color experience with new techniques for layering and texturing.

Neutrals have more personality, sending an open invitation to lots of color and pattern pops.

Blues and greens are oriented toward natural landscapes . . . skies, mountains, lakes, forests.

Blue also is a deep spiritual blue, which has global appeal and a Made-in-America feel.

Green is going in two directions: a deep herbaceous green that is nature’s neutral, and a ’70s retro-green—both bright, healing and clean.

Red will have a vintage influence that resonates in many cultures.

Pink is seen as a grown-up hue that works in menswear as well as home interiors.

Orange is a high-energy color that bridges the red-orange gap. It’s a free-spirited accent color.

Yellow trends toward a lighter chameleon color with a green cast.

Purple possesses both masculine and feminine appeal and bridges the markets from youth to luxury goods. Boyz-n-Berry is Color Marketing Group’s Color of the Year.

]Brown is a weathered, yellowed brown that’s classic and comforting. Visualize worn saddles and boots.
Gray also has two directions: a soft, complex neutral gray, and a deep mineral, industrial gray with depth and personality.

Vintage & Feminine The Sarah duvet cover showcases raspberry-red flowers on a cream background. The vintage-inspired collection is printed on a soft and sturdy fabric that is backed with the Red Minotte stripe. The 100 percent cotton duvet is machine washable and available in twin, queen and king sizes. Taylor Linens, 951-296-3530,

Eye-Catching Florals Cuddledown continues to expand its line of decorative pillows and plans to introduce more than 30 designs at the N.Y. International Gift Fair. Shown is the Cymbidium design. Cuddledown, 888-323-6793,

From South Africa With Love Jacaranda Living Linens’ 100 percent cotton percale boudoir pillow covers and crisp woven cotton throw pillows are made and embroidered by Zulu women in South Africa. They are available with a single design or combination of designs and have envelope-back closures. Boudoir pillows include a satin stitch row around the border. Jacaranda Living, 781-416-3533,
Comforter Comfort The Innutia white goose down comforter is made with Lenzing’s eco-friendly Lyocell that offers moisture control and a silky feel. Innutia is available in six sizes and filled with 650+ Hungarian White Goose Down in summer weight, all-year weight and winter weight. For a limited time, it is also being offered with the company’s promotional 560+ White Down. DownRight Ltd., 718-788-6363,
Keeping Down Aloft The Pearl Crescent features a baffled honeycomb design that keeps the soft down interior aloft. Its 330-thread count cotton and satin piping billows richly over the bed. Ogallala Comfort Company, 800-658-4370,

2012 Trends: An Insider’s View
By Jill Sands
Part 2—Design Themes

In 2012, popular themes involve nature and heritage. There’s an emotional connection to products made in America, especially handmade by local artisans. Consumers find comfort in that which is handmade, looks to be handmade, has a connection to nature, or a connection to our heritage.

Along with cherishing authentic products, there’s a revival of vintage crafts. Tradition will be seized and heritage reshaped giving consumers an exciting, yet grounded experience.

P.S. It’s not restricted to American heritage; rather, it’s inclusive of global heritages.

Popular motifs include:

  • Heritage – Re-energized Native American patterns, modern tribal designs inspired by ancient
    cultures, handcrafts (crochet, knit, embroidery, patchwork, beading).
  • Squiggles, Swirls, Twirlings, Turns, Dots, Loops, Curlicues – They all look like hand-drawn doodles possessing animation. Their design potential is limitless. They are unique, casual, relaxed. They are personal and inspire questions: Who is the person who doodled this? What is her personality like? What was he doing? What was she thinking about?
  • Nature – florals, leaves, feathers, birds, animals (exotic and domestic), reptiles (snake, alligator), marble (think Bargello and Missoni).
    • Goth Roses – grayed-tauped-monotoned cabbage rose prints with a hint of tint on the flowers. It’s a grounded pattern, but its presentation is pushing the boundaries.
  • Geometrics – stripes, checks, circles, plus: tribal designs, Native American patterns, Bargello, marble, patchwork, knits.
Elegant Luxury The Adagio Collection is a blossoming jacquard available in fawn, flax, sable and sand (shown) colorways. The grouping includes pillows, shams, a large throw blanket, a comforter, duvet cover, quilted coverlet and sheets. Bella Notte, 415-883-3434,
For Real & Armchair Travelers The Tickets Collection, made with 100 percent unbleached cotton, features ticket and transportation motifs. The Koko Company, 718-392-7799,
Mongolian Magic Serenity Fair’s throws are made from the cashmere yarn found in Inner Mongolia, one of the best regions for cashmere because the harsh, cold winters enable the goats to grow the softest, finest coats. Shown is the 55- by 65-inch Diamond Knit Throw available in spice red (shown), ivory, orange and heather grey. Serenity Fair, 310-496-8005,
Diamond Design The Alex hand-tufted, 100 percent wool rug features multiple colors in a diamond-and-step design. It is offered in seven standard sizes with custom sizing available. Michaelian Home, 800-258-3977,
Sea Stories The Coastal Collection includes several sea-based motifs, including the Turtle Sea pillow shown. Woven with a cotton/polyester blend, the pillows are available in five colorways and in 18-inch and 24-inch square sizes. Rennie & Rose, 413-743-2648,
Cushion Cavalcade Home Fabrics features an array
of decorative pillows that incorporate a wide range of detailing and construction styles. Home Fabrics,
323-263-111, Home Fabrics features an array of decorative pillows that incorporate a wide range of detailing and construction styles. Home Fabrics, 323-263-111,
Happy Quilts Quilts from Mia + Finn are hand-printed, hand-quilted and reversible. Made with 100 percent cotton, they are offered in four patterns, including Andrew (shown) and in six color combinations. Mia + Finn, 646-943-0796,
Color Change The Ombre 100 percent organic cotton flat sateen sheets and pillowcases are adorned with 7-inch attached hems hand-embroidered with rows of ombred colors. They coordinate with the sateen fitted sheet. Twill woven, the 300-thread-count sheets resist wrinkling and have a soft hand. Colors offered include white with pewter, white with indigo and pewter with mustard. Coyuchi Organic Bed, Bath & Baby Products, 888-418-8847,
Keeping It Clean The 64 oz. Towelwash is available in three scents: Blue Violet (shown), Lavender Lady and the amber/vanilla Portfolio. It can be used on all washable fabrics and has a neutral pH. It is 100 percent biodegradable and does not contain optical brighteners, bleach, caustics, enzymes, phosphates or sulfates. Le Blanc, Inc. 800-814-9274,
Moroccan Inspirations Bamboo Dreams® 300-thread-count bedding is offered in two printed designs inspired by traditional Moroccan tiles: Midara (large motif shown) and Taza (small motif shown). Midara pillowcases and comforter covers are offered in ash/pumice, green tea/natural (shown) and sapphire/rain; Taza pillowcases and sheet sets, in ash/natural, green tea/natural (shown) and sapphire/natural. Yala, 800-670-7661,

2012 Trends: An Insider’s View,
By Jill Sands
Part 4—Game Changing

In this final sidebar, LDB Interior Textiles poses its own questions about factors involving change to the trend forecasting guru.

Q. Has the recession changed the “food chain” along which trends filter down through product categories? Are consumers acting toward designs and colors presented at retail differently than in the past? Or are they resigned to buying whatever the powers-that-be say is the next big style?

“Remember when the trend ‘food chain’ was from
high-end to low-end stores and, upon arrival at big-boxes it was dead? (In 2011, big-box Target put the final nail in that coffin with their feeding-frenzy introduction of more than 400 Missoni-designed products.)\

“The ‘food chain’ then moved from fashion to home décor. Now, it’s doing a 180 and fashion is being influenced by home décor . . . wallpaper, rugs and fabric.

“With interactive online shopping, manufacturers/
brands are offering consumers design and customization
options, creating one-of-a-kind furnishings, fabrics, and accessories. (Burberry offers a custom ‘adventure’
trench coat ranging from $1995 to $3343.)

“Color is the major influencer of a purchase. Color Marketing Group’s tagline is: “Color Sells and the Right Color Sells Better.” Many small appliances are becoming available in a spectrum of colors and Sferra has introduced 101 colors in its Festival table linen line. A small appliance, a set of placemats, a pillow—all inexpensive pick-me-ups for the home and feel-goods for the homeowner.”

Q. Are design trends being skewed or changing as the born-with-technology Gen Y consumer matures?
“In this period of recession and the shrinking middle-class, Gen Y (also known as Millennials or Echo Boomers—those born in the mid-1970s through the mid-1990s) has been referred to as the ‘lost generation’—job prospects are low and money is tight. They are looking for innovative, different, unique-to-me products with perceived value.

“Born-with-technology, they are prime prospects for
Mass-Customization, for it fulfills their quest for innovative, different and unique-to-me products in both fashion and home décor. Gen Y is more adventuresome in creating color combinations and pattern combinations, mixing together prints or stripes with plaids. They begin with a classic, then push it to its boundaries and beyond.

“The economy is affecting the purchasing power of Gen Y, making them more cautious as they search for value in products; a similar mindset to those who came of age in the Depression Era.”


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