Category Close-Up - January 2013

Rug Trends 2013
By Wanda Jankowski

Oriental Weavers >> Kaleidoscope by Sphinx is a new collection of machine-woven, textured polypropylene rugs that are marked by vibrant colors and multiple shadings presented within a modern aesthetic.
Momeni >> This 100 percent wool hand-tufted rug from the Delhi Collection is made in India.
Nourison >> The Aura of Flora by Waverly rugs presents modernized floral and ikat designs in bright color palettes. Made with polyester and machine printed in China, the low pile shag texture has a soft sheen.
Dynamic Rugs >> The Trend Collection includes geometric designs machine made in Belgium with 100 percent viscose.

Directions in color, design, construction and materials for the year ahead as well as previews of area rugs on view during the January Atlanta and Las Vegas Markets

Amidst all the product introductions at markets this month, we look at directions for 2013 in the rug sector, focusing on color, design, construction and materials.

We’ve paired that with a sampling of introductions debuting during the Atlanta International Area Rug Market, featuring the National Oriental Rug Show, Jan. 10-13, 2013 at AmericasMart, and the Gift + Home at Las Vegas Market, Jan. 28 to Feb. 1, 2013 at the World Market Center.

Colors To Clamor For “Blue! True blue and navy. It's been and continues to be super popular,” declares Al Mortensen, director of creative and design, Rizzy Home.

“We are seeing blues, greens and grays of all shades dominating the 2013 product lines,” says Leah Feizy, executive vice-president, Feizy Rugs. “People also seem to be embracing color more, and saturated hues like persimmon, turquoise and raspberry are turning up, and they look amazing when paired with dominant blues, greens and grays.”

Wendy Reiss, key account manager, sales and marketing, Kas Rugs, concurs, “We are seeing blues still strong. However, greens are now coming into the horizon…particularly emerald and deep greens.”

Joyce Lowe, executive director, area rug division, Nourison, explains, “We realize that emerald has been named the Color of the Year by Pantone, however, we tend to lag behind fashion in this industry. Blue rugs have been requested by both retailers and consumers, and we have responded by adding quite a few blue rugs to our lineup, including our new Kaleidoscope Collection by Barclay Butera.”

However, Ashley Alford, design and marketing, says, “Momeni is using great jewel tones in the emerald family, and has some bright emerald rugs coming out in our popular Geo Collection. We are also focusing on the importance of neutral color palettes with the accents of a bold color.

“I think what consumers are looking for now is coordination,” says Alford. “They might not want the whole room to be emerald, but they’ll have accent pieces that coordinate with the base of their room—the rug.”

Andy Brumlow, vice-president of product development, Oriental Weavers points out, “Brights seem to be picking up momentum, and grays will continue to be strong in 2013.”

Amy Archer, director of product, Surya, sums up the color story by explaining, “The ground colors—brown, taupe, gray—are well-rooted and always powerful. It’s the subtleties that are changing. But though there might be more emerald, teal and navy, it’s the marriage of colors, how they play against neutrals, and how to make fashion colors ‘digestible’ for home that are key to winning designs.”

Style & Pattern Pathways

“What’s ‘cool’ now are latticework, chevrons, bold drawings,” Archer continues. “The juxtapositioning of diverse elements, the saturation of colors and the Bohemian patchwork movement are popular.”

Feizy believes, “People are really gravitating toward eclectic designs—combinations of different styles tied into a cohesive piece. We’re also seeing a lot of clean, simple looks. Our Noor and Mambasa Collections are very simple, but are made opulent with the use of different fibers.”

“Momeni is focusing on a variation of important trends, such as abstract graphic florals, textural gemstone patterning, modernized Moroccan motifs and the important statement piece of an oversized geometric print,” says Alford.

Brumlow see geometrics and ikat patterns maintaining importance this year. Mortensen notes the prominence of Splash/Op art in contemporary coloring. Reiss adds that distressed, suzani, watercolor looks and two-tone geometrics are in high demand.

“Transitional designs, which are neither traditional or contemporary, appear to be leading style at the moment,” concludes Lowe.

Joe Barkley, executive vice-president, Kaleen, chimes in that more and brighter colors are trumping patterns and designs in importance today.

Construction Contests

When it comes to what categories have gained the most in popularity, enthusiasm unleashes for two areas.
“Flat weaves are gaining in popularity,” states Barkley.

Mortensen explains, “This has been a designer darling for the past five years, but major retailers are definitely warming up to this construction; it's a great price point and has a light global style. “

Lowe says, “We have had a flat weave collection called Nourmak in our lineup for the past 25 years. However, we have added flat weaves that are lighter in feel and tone, and they have been successful. Every style is usually recycled and makes its way back for resurgence. We believe this is what is happening with flat weaves. They are easy to decorate with and generally are less expensive than their pile counterpart.”

“We believe the increase in demand is due to the fact that the flat weave is such a multi-dimensional product and so many different materials can be used to create incredibly varied effects in their construction,” says Feizy.

“Over the past year, Feizy Rugs has introduced the Arushi, Mojave and Moneta Collections. Arushi uses recycled sari silk, Mojave is a combination of space-dyed wool and cotton, and Moneta is a printed jute collection. These groupings bear absolutely no resemblance to each other, but they are all unique, casual and value-oriented.”

The second category making a hit with consumers is indoor/outdoor rugs.

“They are extremely popular because people are expanding living and entertaining areas to the outdoors,” says Lowe. “Rugs anchor and define outdoor spaces.”

“Momeni has been seeing an increasing market in indoor/outdoor because of the versatility, durability and the age group of consumers purchasing products,” notes Alford.

Though marketers are promoting the use of some man-made, water-repellant rugs as great for use both outdoors and inside, are they being used in both locations?

“Most of the indoor/outdoor rugs are being used outdoors,” says Nourison’s Lowe. “However I have had feedback from retailers that they have customers who are also using them in children’s and family rooms. They tend to take a beating. The pile, if there is one, is low and looped. Most repel liquids and the cost factor is such that they can be discarded without causing much angst about waste.”

Reiss concurs. “I think we are finding that many are starting to use the term ‘relaxed or casual living’.

Indoor/outdoor rugs can come in many varieties now and in handmade categories,” she says. “What’s not great about being able to clean a rug in your kitchen easily? “

Archer sums up by saying, “The ‘outdoor rug’ was an uglier market in the past and those rugs were brutal to touch. But microdenier and polyesters are now more credible looking, so why not bring them inside? A lot of designers are asking us to change the color palette for inside use.”

Materials: Natural Vs. Man-Made

A range of materials, from natural fibers to man-made synthetics, is enriching today’s offerings in the rug sector.
Reiss observes, “Naturals are coming back. It’s so nice to see different takes on jute, sisal, etc. again. As machine-made products get better and better, the man-made materials many are made of become more popular as well. Poly acrylic is still popular, but soft wool designs and better made wool products are also getting attention.”

“PET, made from recycled plastic bottles, is one new trend we’re seeing as a rug fiber. It’s a green product and can be used indoors and outdoors,” says Feizy. “Although wool is holding its own, there is new competition in the marketplace, especially in power-loomed construction.”

“Synthetic materials such as polypropylene, nylon and polyester continue to gain market share,” says Brumlow.
Mortensen rallies around wool. “Wool is still king! People love all its great pluses—it’s durable, warm, sustainable, classic,” he says.

Whatever your customers’ preferences, you will find plenty of resources to delight them at January markets.


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