Editor's View - January 2014

Your One & Only
By Wanda Jankowski, Editor-in-Chief

At LDB Interior Textiles, 2014 marks the beginning of our 87th year in bringing you specialized coverage of the home fashions industry. It’s been our modus operandi to maintain and refresh our relevancy through continual evolution—updating graphics, exploring new trends, and breaking news on industry developments as part of our standard coverage.

To have lasted for 87 years, we must be doing something right. You know the old maxim: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So I have no sweeping announcements to make about revamping or expansion into other, allied categories.

Rather, we are proud to announce, in view of other trade publishing developments, that we are now the ONLY business publication exclusively dedicated to the home fashions industry.

Our forte is honing in on what you need to know, curating and skillfully presenting details so that they make sense in the context of retailing as a whole.

Here is who we are and who we will continue to be:

  • the only publication that brings you a comprehensive annual Buyers’ Guide
  • the only publication that presents an annual, must-read “State of the Industry” report
  • a valuable resource for SMART reports and detailed trend features on established sectors of continuing importance, such as rugs, soft and hard bath, soft and alternative window treatments, and fashion and basic bedding
  • a pioneer in identifying and discussing new categories and hotspots in the industry. (We were the first publication to present in-depth articles on “made in USA” suppliers, to bring the burgeoning eco-friendly movement to your attention regularly with our “Green Matters” column and later full-length features, and to focus on the hospitality and luxury sectors, detailing their challenges and successes.)
    • the only publication to bring you fresh viewpoints from authorities outside the industry as well as industry insiders, setting developments in home fashions in the context of a bigger national and societal picture
  • a trusted source in curating the presentation of new products, including previews of major trade shows and markets in the U.S.

At LDB Interior Textiles, we remain true to our mission—to be exclusively dedicated to bringing you coverage of developments in the home fashions industry. We’ve been specialists at it for 87 years.

We hope you all will enjoy continuing on the journey with us.

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