Industry Views - July 2014

Bringing The World Home

Twofold is an online store that offers high-quality textiles—pillows, scarves, table linens, bags and fabric goods—created by stand-out designers from around the world. Many of the items from Japan, Australia and Europe can’t be purchased anywhere else in the U.S. and are exclusive to Twofold.

Raised and educated in Australia, the online retailer’s founder, Jessica Warner, came to New York to work for the Guggenheim Museum and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. In 2007, she moved to Asia with her family, living in Tokyo and Hong Kong, then moved
to Sydney before relocating to Boulder, CO. Warner shares insights on Twofold’s inception and future directions.

What makes Twofold different from other e-commerce sites?

“I had the idea for the site when I was living in Tokyo. In Japan, I discovered designers making wonderful, contemporary products with respect for old Japanese textile traditions. Many of these designers are inaccessible to customers outside Japan, so my original idea was to sell [goods from] Japanese designers to Western customers. I eventually expanded the idea to include textile designers from all over the world. It’s interesting to see their products placed together.

“[The name] Twofold embraces dichotomies like style and substance, old and new. The products we sell are beautiful and functional, and are created by designers/craftspeople who are using old textile-making techniques to make contemporary products. All the products I sell are made with integrity and are not mass produced.”

How do you reach your customers?

“My customers live all over the world; they are affluent, educated, well traveled. I focus on social media—Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest—as well as getting coverage in design blogs. I also have an e-mail list so that I can stay in touch with people who have bought products from me or who have expressed interest in Twofold. Last year, I also held two pop-up shops that generated local press.

“I would like to have a brick-and-mortar store in the future. I started Twofold online to keep my overhead low and to reach a broad range of customers. Ideally, the best business model is to have a brick-and-mortar store along with the online store.”

Do you plan to add new product categories?

“I would like to expand to other categories, including clothing and bedding. I also plan to increase the selection of tabletop textiles.”

Shown are products offered on Twofold.

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