Green Matters - March 2011

Sustainably Stylish
By Emily M. White

All fabrics from Brita Sweden are made of organic cotton.
The Brita pattern from Brita Sweden features a bold, whimsical natural motif with a touch of Swedish folklore.

Two companies present inventive takes on eco-friendly home décor

Original Organics

With an aesthetic coined as “childhood artistic,” Brita Sweden textiles takes a truly organic approach to home goods—by intertwining eco-friendly design with family tradition.

Based in Stockholm, the Brita Sweden brand operates under the name Brita Sweden AB and is a family owned company, managed by Margaretha Eriksson and her daughters, Monica Harrie and Pia Gabrielsson—a product of both Sweden’s environmental commitment, and a family seeking to reinvent the idea of heirloom products. The company designs long-lasting, sustainable home décor to be enjoyed by generations to come, and also looks out for the well-being of future generations with its eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging processes.

Their whimsical flora and fauna motifs in striking colors, marketed with funky photography, are all named after women in the family, and the designs are inspired by the folkloric patterns the family grew up with, weaving textiles at the grandmother’s house in Northern Sweden.

“These women are religious about being eco-friendly,” says Linda Persson, U.S. distributor of Brita Sweden Products, Impliciti, LLC USA. “Sweden itself is in the forefront of this movement, and that’s what the family behind Brita Sweden has made their philosophy.”

With retailers in Sweden, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands and Japan, and soon the U.S., Brita Sweden’s line of products include fabrics, kitchen accessories, plastic runners, bedding and other interior items. All fabrics are made from organic cotton, both GOTS and EU Eco-label (European Union) certified, and printed at Rydboholms Textil in Borås, a mill certificated according to high environmental standards. They also produce plastic rugs woven of soft PVC that contain no heavy metal or toxic softener, and do not exude toxic smoke in case of fire.

Resourceful Constructions

Boca Grande’s Fuzzy rug is constructed from reclaimed garment tags.

Eco-friendly manufacturers have developed fibers using organic cotton, soy, bamboo and recycled plastic bottles, among others.

Boca Grande Furnishings goes one step further by creating thick, bold, rugs, named Fuzzy, made out of 100 percent reclaimed garment tags, fully reversible and available in many sizes.

Since 1987, Boca Grande has brought global crafts from all around the world to New York City and beyond, selling work of artisans from more than a dozen countries, with “recycled” or “reuse” as a major part of the creation.

Fuzzy rugs recently debuted at the New York International Gift Fair, and are receiving attention as a product of re-use never seen before.

“The colors are endless and we can definitely make them with patterns as well as different ‘lines’,” says Marcelo Duek, owner, Boca Grande Furnishings. “Never the less, no two rugs will be identical. They are nice and thick and very easy to use—perfect for barefoot walking.”


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