Industry Views - March 2014

Tricia Guild On Color

Designers Guild (212-967-4540, has always been known for its use of color, as well as fresh motifs and quality materials. Established in 1970, the company is headed and owned by sister and brother, Tricia Guild, OBE, founder and creative director, and Simon Jeffreys, group chief executive. Tricia Guild has authored a new lushly pictorial book called Decorating With Color, with photography by James Merrell, and published by Rizzoli. Below she shares her insights into the role of color in living environments.

From the “Introduction” in Designing With Color:
“Much of the way I work with color depends on my immediate response and reaction to a particular shade or group of colors—how they make my heart sing or beat a little faster is the only science that I use. My personal form of expression is visual; my language of choice is articulated by the various elements I use in an interior to convey my particular style. I believe the rooms and spaces I create in my work speak for themselves and demonstrate instantly how color can enrich and invigorate our lives.”

Why did you write a book on color now?
“It had been 12 years since my last book on color and during that time, there had been a definite evolution. I felt it was time to explore those changes.

“My view of using color has not changed, although it is fair to say that the palettes of color that I tend to use have evolved over the years. We are all open to the world around us and the inspiration that lies therein. That naturally alters and shifts how I work.”

Are elements in your collection intended to be interchanged?
“We design everything by hand in our studio and as such there are so many elements that can work together, even though they are from launches that are divided by three or four seasons.

“Mixing pattern is very much part of our style and this can really help create a personal, eclectic style. I hate rules and every time I think of one, I immediately want to break it, but something I nearly always do is have a healthy dose of white or neutral within a colorful scheme. This allows stronger color to breathe and gives a clarity that can ‘absorb’ the excess.

“I also am quite keen on detail, so if I am using black and white within a room to add details to curtains, then I would carry it through to the bed or towels or throw pillows, too, to pull it all together.”

Freya bedding (shown above) blends shades of gray on a white ground with vibrant pops of lime.

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