Editor's View - May 2010

Dancing In The Rain
By Wanda Jankowski, Editor-in-Chief

When it opened in April, I stopped by the new Rug Art showroom in Manhattan’s D&D Building (see “In The Industry” on p. 37 for more on that). Sigal Sasson, co-owner of Rug Art with husband, Vidal, was telling me with a sense of wonderment how she can’t quite comprehend how far they have progressed in the past 10 years or so since they started the company. In addition to furnishing custom rugs to designer clients, they have recently expanded the business, creating lines of luxury pillows and throws.

Sigal credits her mother with instilling in her the value of embracing courage and perseverance especially in difficult times. Sigal recalled, “As a child, my mother would say, ‘When storms come, don’t run and hide, but learn to dance in the rain’.”

Jason Carr, co-founder of Softline Home Fashions, was also “dancing in the rain” because he followed his business plan, saved cash and so was able to expand the business during the recession when others were failing. Softline is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. In speaking about what he and his co-founder brother, Rodney, have been through in the past decade with the company, Jason modestly admitted, “There have been many struggles, but I think we often made good decisions at crucial turning points.”

A while ago, I watched an interview with famed director, Alfred Hitchcock. He was asked what he wishes for in the future and he replied, “A clear horizon.”

Perhaps we’d all like that. The reality is, even though economic recovery seems to be happening, there will be challenges in some form or other, sooner or later down the road. LDB Interior Textiles is here to help you best face whatever the future brings by providing you with some “rainy day umbrellas” in the form of information-packed articles.

This month, “Back On Track” offers details on creative new products in the alternative window segment and includes a listing of the envelope-pushing winners of the Window Covering Manufacturers Association Product Awards. “Visual Attractions” presents offerings debuting at Showtime, along with important trend information from independent experts. “Checking In With Hospitality” keeps you up-to-date on the give-and-take between the home and hospitality sectors.

So be brave, use your “umbrellas” and if you haven’t already, start learning to “dance in the rain” before the showers begin again.

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