Editor's View - May 2011

What Goes Around...
By Wanda Jankowski, Editor-in-Chief

April was a dreary month, filled with rainy days, hardships and tragedies for some from tornados and flooding...and more rising raw materials prices. So when it came time for me to write this column during the last weekend in April, I struggled to find something positive to report on. Who needed to hear more about the woes of the industry and the recession? We all know what they are.

Then came one of the most eventful and meaning-filled weekends we’ve experienced in years.

First, the Royal Wedding of William and Catherine was a happy event as all marriages are, but broadcasters reporting from London kept emphasizing how much the British people needed something joyful to boost their morale. They had been hit hard by the recession, resulting in massive unemployment. Some pomp and circumstance, and the sight of a loving couple with a bright future ahead seemed to swell the pride of the British people and give them hope that the future could be bright and beautiful for them as well. Perhaps now was time for the tide to turn and together they could work to make it so.

A second event broadcast from Europe that weekend was the beatification of Pope John Paul II, an important step on the way to proclaiming him a saint. It was a special day for Catholics and Poles to see someone beloved honored in that way. But even if one isn’t Catholic or Polish, it’s heartening to see someone recognized for the good works they’ve accomplished. We seem to lack heroes in this age. Too many celebrities gain fame for bad behavior or remain in the media spotlight long after it’s discerned that their achievements may be questionable. The recognition that good in the world is valued should give hope to all who try their best in their endeavors.

Finally, on May 1, 2011, the most notorious terrorist in the world met his demise and was buried at sea. A 10-year search had ended—persistence and perseverance paid off. The war on terror hasn’t ended, but for a brief moment, we were allowed a sigh of relief, long enough to feel what it was like before 9/11, pat downs at airports, the need for cameras and vigilance everywhere, and the ongoing eruption of fear of attack.

What has all this to do with the home textiles industry? Whether it’s man-made or from nature, circumstances and situations have a habit of changing, swinging back and forth, plummeting down and edging up again. None of the above events were set in motion and culminated overnight. None of those outcomes was predicted for sure far in advance of their happening. All of those events eventually took place as a result of the willpower and choices of individuals.

The home textiles industry will recover, just as the economy will swing back, if the choices of individuals are the right ones. The key is to be your own hero by keeping your nose to the grindstone to help turn the tide and giving persistence a chance to pay off by not giving up in devising ways to make your business thrive, so that like the Royal couple smiling as they sat in their open carriage on the way to Buckingham Palace, you’ll be ready to enjoy succsess when the next positive economic wave comes around.

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