Temp - May 2012

Bedtime Stories
By Wanda Jankowski

The SensorPedic® Euro Majestic Topper from Soft-Tex.
The SensorPedic® Luxury Supreme Topper from Soft-Tex.

New details on how some man-made and natural materials are contributing to a good night’s sleep

No need to count sheep when consumers have new “bedtime stories” born of state-of-the-art technologies to ease them into comfortable, long-lasting sleep. Here are details are some of the latest creations in the comfort sleep sector, both man- and nature-made:

Gel-Memory Foam

Sleep Innovations’ Rejuvenation™ Mattress Topper offers a customized sleep experience because the sleeper can stack its two layers in different configuations before securing the fabric cover to produce a soft, firm or massage-like feel. The soft gel-infused memory foam layer eliminates pressure point discomfort and improves air circulation to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature. The textured Luratex™ foam layer adds extra support.

The product is endorsed by Olympic Gold medalist swimmer, Dara Torres, who previously launched the Rejuvenation line with her endorsement of the Rejuvenation pillow.

“We received such positive feedback on the Rejuvenation Pillow, we wanted to expand the product line to further address our consumers’ specific sleep needs,” explains Mike Loomis, executive vice-president of business and product development, Sleep Innovations. “With consumers being able to customize everything from their cars to their coffee, we thought it vital to provide them with options when it comes to their sleep surfaces.”

Down, Feathers & Milkweed

The Hypodown Mattress Enhancer from Ogallala Comfort Company conforms to the body, allowing muscles to relax, improving circulation and reducing disruptive tossing and turning for a better night’s sleep. It contains Hypodown 700 fill in a baffled box design, 300-thread-count cover and is offered in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes.

Hypodown is Ogallala’s premium down made with 85 percent down clusters and 15 percent feathers combined with its exclusive Syriaca clusters.

Syriaca clusters come from the asclepias plant, known as milkweed. The clusters include durable and warm hollow fibers that help transfer moisture.

Syriaca clusters have been known about and used for a long timed. Native Americans, for example, used it in cloth for infant swaddling. During World War II, Syriaca clusters formed fill in U.S. military life jackets.

In 1986, when Herb Knudsen, founder of Ogallala Comfort Company, was working with Standard Oil of Ohio, he revisited the almost-forgotten milkweed in the hope of developing a crude oil from it. Though that proved uneconomical, other uses were explored.

Finding it to be hypoallergenic as well as imbued with insulating properties, Knudsen purchased the milkweed project in 1987 and eventually formed Ogallala Comfort Company, focusing on high quality, low-volume products that incorporate the Syriaca technology.

Ogallala claims that its Hypodown mix performs better than down alone because of its hypoallergenic property, increased fill power and ability to better transfer moisture away from the body.

Memory Foam

Soft-Tex offers new memory foam toppers in two different thicknesses.

The 2-inch thick SensorPedic® Luxury Supreme Topper is made with odor-free Sensor-Foam®, an open-cell memory foam that does not sleep hot, allowing for a comfortable sleep temperature throughout the night. The iCool™ technology incorporated into the foam is an advanced ventilation fabrication process that enhances breathability.

The topper is also CertiPur-US® certified to meet the highest quality and comfort standards while insuring safety for the sleeper and the environment. The topper cover is a 250-gram weight, triple layer luxury circular knit fabric.

The 3-inch thick SensorPedic® Euro Majestic Topper contours to the sleeper’s body to accommodate all sleep positions, offering comfort and therapeutic support. Also made with Sensor-Foam™, the anti-stain treated topper incorporates Visco foam as well and a 32-gram-per-square-meter circular knit woven damask cover made with polyester and viscose.


Design Weave USA’s Ethereal Comfort products incorporate Lenzing’s Viloft, a 100 percent natural viscose fiber made from eucalyptus trees that is soft, supple, breathable, moisture-absorbing and environment-friendly with the ability to stay fresher longer.

Marketed by Lenzing as “The Thermal Viscose,” Viloft is created with a modified flat fiber cross-section that creates air chambers in textiles which serve as buffers against the cold. Characteristics of Viloft textiles are their good insulation and lightweight warmth.

Lenzing claims Viloft fabrics are up to 30 percent warmer compared to cotton knits and that only a small percentage of Viloft in a textile is needed to make a significant difference in warmth.

Design Weave USA offers a range of Ethereal Comfort basic bedding products that blend 30 percent Viloft with 70 percent cotton, including: a 300-thread-count sheet set, a 300-thread-count blanket with 30 percent Viloft/70 percent polyester fill, a 660-fill-power white duck down comforter with 300-thread-count cover, a 300-thread-count duvet set, 300-thread-count pillowcases and a 300-thread-count mattress pad.

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