Industry Views - November 2012

Antone On Design

Peking Handicraft, Inc. (PHI) launched its Luxury Collection of fashion bedding and decorative pillows in early 2012. In response to customer demand, the company kicked the collection up a notch for the Fall N.Y. Market, using even higher quality fabrics and higher thread counts, demonstrating that the demand for true luxury products is alive and well.

Carol Antone, vice-president of creative services for PHI, shares her thoughts on the luxury sector, modern design and PHI’s take on design trends for 2013.

“Luxury designs have been kind of ‘uptight’ in the past,” says Antone, refering to tried-and-true classic motifs and traditional styles. “PHI’s Luxury Collection focuses on modern designs intended to appeal both to younger generations and to those who crave fresh, updated concepts.

“Even in inexpensive and moderately priced products, the looks are more updated today. Look at the Jaclyn Smith line at Kmart and you’ll see sophisticated patterns and colors,” she says.

“Hotel rooms are much ‘hipper’ today. Even the Marriott has beautiful bedding—and guests can buy it! Hotel looks for the home need to evolve the way hotels have,” she explains, citing the NoMad and the Ace Hotels as examples of “hip” hospitality venues rich with visual interest and a sense of authenticity from updated interpretations of vintage styles.

“The whole world is going toward updated design. So it’s no surprise that the luxury consumer, who has the money to pay for it, wants it, too,” she concludes.

Fall /Winter Trends For 2013

Colors: The Nouveau Neon color palette features exuberant shades from yellow-casted greens to juicy orange and berry purples. Clean white make a great base for this range. The Vibrant Violets includes saturated purples and lilacs. The grouping is ideal for warm-handed fabrics, such as velvet and brushed cotton, but is equally elegant in satins and silk.

Patterns & Print Techniques: Picture Perfect is a more sophisticated take on the current photorealism trend, rendered in motifs such as over-scaled flowers, sea life and architectural details. Vintage style photography used in collages adds newness. Water Soluble is the gentler cousin of techniques such as tie dye and heavy-handed ombre. Subtle watercolor techniques in abstract images or watery amophous washes and distressing enliven prints.

PHI’s Adonis ensemble (right) from the Luxury Collection builds on the company’s forte for intricate embroidery.

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