Editor's View - October 2012

Birthday Wish
By Wanda Jankowski, Editor-in-Chief

LDB Interior Textiles turns 85 this year. To celebrate our longevity, we’ve incorporated a few special touches into this issue. First, there’s our splashy “85 years” cover. Then you’ll notice the expanded “Industry Views” column to the right that features insights, from industry professionals who’ve “paid their dues,” on what they love about working in the field.

Our annual, exclusive State Of The Industry Report, “Exploring Now & Then,” usually deals solely with current issues (we’ve saved trends in technology for in-depth coverage in our December issue!), but this time around, we’ve included on p. 22 a look back at innovations through the years, a listing drawn from reportage in the past pages of LDB Interior Textiles. We’ve also decided to share our birthday party with other companies celebrating significant anniversaries, and so you’ll find interesting insights into their histories on that page as well.

For those of you who are relatively new to the industry and/or the magazine, I’ll fill you in here on the winding roads that resulted in the publication you are reading today.

You might be wondering what “LDB” means and how the publication came to have such a long name. “LDB” comes from Linens, Domestics & Bath Products, a magazine published by Columbia Communications, Inc., along with another magazine called Interior Textiles. In 1985, the two publications were merged and took the name Linens, Domestics & Bath Products/Interior Textiles, which was shortened eventually to LDB Interior Textiles.

The publication was acquired by its current owner, E. W. Williams Publications, in 1994.

Both Linens, Domestics & Bath Products and Interior Textiles have long pedigrees and experienced multiple name changes and consolidations well before the merge. It all began with a magazine called The Upholsterer, renamed The Upholsterer & Interior Decorator. It morphed into Curtain and Drapery Buyer, then Curtain & Drapery Department Magazine, and later Curtain Drapery & Bedspread, which was folded into the newly launched Interior Textiles in 1982. Linens magazine evolved into Linens & Domestics and with the acquisition of Bath Department Accessories became Linens, Domestics & Bath Products.

When it comes to innovation and change, LDB Interior Textiles has been evolving with the industry as well as reporting on it all along the way. We are proud to serve you in this our 85th year and our birthday wish is to continue to do so for years to come.

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