Industry Views - September 2013

Fehr Fara Brings A New Concept To The Industry

Siddharth Nadkarni and Shilpa Amaram (below) co-founded Houston, TX-based Fehr Fara (832-453-0505, in November 2012 based on the concept of the reversible pillow. The name Fehr Fara is derived from the Indian word “fehrfaar,” which means to alternate—like their changeable Inside&Out pillows. Here are insights from these industry newcomers in search of success with a fresh concept.

Why did you start your company?

“We both share an entrepreneurial drive and, throughout the years, had always wanted a business of our own. It was important to us to be in an industry we love and to do something we believe in. Our home is important to us and we realized how much it could impact our mood and minds. The idea of making it easy to change the look of a room and recharge our minds inspired the Inside&Out concept.

How are you selling your pillows?

“We attend trade shows, directly market to specialty stores and big-box retailers for our wholesale component, and have a web store where customers can purchase pillows at retail prices. We have also been partnering with great sites like Apartment Therapy and to reach a larger market.”

Do you plan to expand your category range?

“We have visions of being able to reverse out almost any textile product and completely change the look of the room without having to spend additional money. We are looking to expand our product range to bedding in the upcoming year.”

Are you wary of competitive imitators?

“While the Inside&Out concept may seem deceptively simple, we have spent significant time and effort in developing a stitching methodology that completely hides any evidence that there is another pillow cover inside. We have also protected ourselves with a Provisional Patent on the methodology of stitching any fabric cover to make it ‘inside and out’.

“Feedback from customers includes appreciation for us doing something different in the industry—with our pillow concept and with our color palettes. We don’t follow trends. We’re trying to stay one step ahead by introducing new colors and a whole new way of thinking about textiles in the home.”

Shown above are two looks offered in one reversible pillow. The pillow cover includes a hidden zipper so the cover can be turned inside out to reveal a complete, two-sided second look. Inside&Out pillows are designed and made in the U.S. from 100 percent silk screen-printed by hand in India.

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